Cloud VPS is great. It's fast, stable and you have full control in the same time. On the other hand it requires some skills to configure everything.

I use Smart plan provided by ArubaCloud. It's really cheap, but as I tested it's stable and working just fine. In fact this blog is hosted there. They have many locations and if you need you can switch to higher plan in the future if Smart plan is not enough.

Creating new server is really simple. You just select the plan, a name for new server, a template (which OS you would like to use) and set the root password. Speaking about templates (OS). They offer many templates. I use Ubutu 18.04 LTS, but you can use the one you like. There are Windows (extra costs due to licenses), GNU/Linux distributions and even FreeBSD. I like Ubuntu Server because it's well developed and you can google tons of information about configuration stuff.

Ok, back to creating the server. When you charge your billing account and provide all information, the server is created. Afer few moment you can use SSH to log in to the server (using IP address or if you already added A record on the DNS server which keep your domain configuration using the hostname.

That's the place where journey begins. Next time I will describe all steps I did to configure Ghost blogging platform with Docker and Nginx as a reverse proxy.